We are leaders

We are leaders

Grounded in clinical evidence, we use the influence of elite athletes to destigmatise mental health and deliver positive effects on personal wellbeing by stimulating high-performance mental health and leadership.
Our Approach

At Wellbeing Code, we take a modern, positive approach to mental health and wellbeing. We appreciate that wellbeing ties into many aspects of corporate, education and sporting life. Themes like motivation to participate, perform your job safely and successfully, work in a team, lead, and represent the brand externally.. they’re all qualities our external world calls us to achieve.

Brands We’ve Worked With

Brands we work with
Brands we work with
Brands we work with
Brands we work with
Brands we work with
Brands we work with
Brands we work with


1Leadership & High Performance Mentoring
In part one of this three-part series on building resilience and optimising performance, we discuss practicing gratitude.
2Mental Health Wellbeing Workshops
Our workshops are highly customisable and vary based on client objectives, number of attendees, duration and type of engagement.
3Mental Health First Aid Training
Each year 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness. But many people are not armed with the skills or confidence they need to offer support.
4NDIS-Approved Programs
We conduct a group and one on one assistance sessions for individuals with a disability.
5Indigenous Engagement
We deliver a series of 2-day clinics that provides skills training and health assessments in an active sporting setting.
6Youth Mentoring
We deliver programs for young adults which aim to improve their wellbeing in all areas of life.
725 Days 25 Plays
25 Days 25 Plays is a short and engaging program that enhances mental health and wellbeing.
Quote from Founder & CEO, David Shillington
Wellbeing Code is shifting the paradigm on how we view mental health by evoking a more proactive and holistic approach to wellness to achieve optimum performance & resilience. From a safety and risk-management point of view we can help, you don’t want someone who is unwell on the jobsite. From a leadership, culture, and performance point of we can teach and develop the skills needed, delivered in a deeply relatable way that engages and resonates with the different needs of our community.